We want to highlight one of the lesser known health benefits of drinking coffee, with some science…

By now, we’re all well acquainted with caffeine, coffee’s most famous chemical compound. But did you know there’s another superpower hidden in that magical coffee cherry seed? It’s called trigonelline. It exists in especially high quantities in arabica beans (that’s what we roast) and while some gets transformed during the roasting process, what remains and ends up in your morning cup has been shown to exhibit numerous health benefits.

The list of gains is long—from staving off pathogens like salmonella enterica to hypoglycemic and neuro-protective activity—but it’s trigonelline’s effect on dental health we’re most excited about. Yep, it helps prevent tooth decay. By hindering streptococcus mutans (the bacterium responsible for most dental caries in humans) trigonelline lets you eat all the holiday treats you want without any cavities. Just wash them down with coffee! 

Basically, trigonelline takes what’s already the best drink in the world, and makes it even better. 

Science is so cool!