What’s the best coffee for me?

We all want coffee that best suits our needs.
But choosing the right coffee has so many factors to consider, some of which might be totally off your radar. You can rest easy, we’re here to help!

Why choose specialty coffee? What makes it special?

Coffee has become ubiquitous. This is easy to take for granted, but it’s only a recent development. Before the 20th century, you wouldn’t expect just any restaurant or household to have coffee to serve. Because of its recent global boom, the coffee world has had many branches as it adjusts to demand and settles into a role in our daily lives. 

Which coffee grinder is best, burr or blade?

You know, we humans are often attracted to the idea of optimization. I mean who doesn’t want to simplify and streamline their life? But sometimes that optimization comes with major compromise. In the case of coffee, one shortcut you may want to rethink is pre-ground coffee beans. 

Want to make a great pour over at home?

Brewing coffee at home is a joy.
You get to develop a routine, get specific with your preferences, and create an intimate ritual for that delightful cup that often starts your day.