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Erica Cano, a second generation farmer, has grown coffee on the El Rancho farm for more than ten years. With the help of her husband and two sons, what began as a small parcel of inherited land has expanded into a 1.5 hectare farm. It’s named El Rancho (a local term for home) because the family is tied together by their love for their home and their coffee farm.

This fully washed coffee is grown under the shade of chalun and gravilea trees at 1,500 to 1,680 meters above sea level. Consisting of Caturra, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo varieties, the ripe cherries are harvested and de-pulped the same day, then left to ferment in tanks for two days. Floaters are removed, then the washed beans are left to dry for 5 days.

::: white grape, nougat, almond :::