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This organically grown, washed coffee was grown from1900 – 2200 MASL in Chelchele, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia. Grown in clay mineral soil it consists of indigenous heirloom cultivars and is certified organic.

This coffee was imported by Royal Coffee Importers and sourced from the legends at METAD. Legends? Yes. Ensconced in the community beyond coffee production, METAD supports 800 students to receive education, provides 150 financially disadvantaged students with scholarships and pays some teachers’ salaries.They have won awards for the way they conduct business from the Ethiopian government as well as the prestigious Good Food awards. Founder and CEO of METAD Aman Adinew’s grandparents were coffee producers and he took it an unfathomable step further by establishing the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX) and growing METAD to include over 5000 farmers from all over southern Ethiopia. Let that all sink in. METAD offers farmers free seedlings and professional guidance at every stage of coffee production as well as continually paying out bonuses on top of paying premiums to out-growers for the continued quality of the coffees.

::: chocolate cake, grape soda, meyer lemon :::