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::: apple cider, brown butter, dark chocolate :::


This fair trade and organic blend from 33 farms organized around Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera San Juan consists of Caturra, Typica and Catuai varieties and was grown at 1500 masl. Grown in clay loam, this coffee is fully washed and sun dried.

Coming from the only landlocked coffee producing country, this coffee from Bolivia is another recent first as I have never before featured one on the menu previously. The co-op that produced this coffee was formed in 1974 and has been enjoying a composing reputation over the last seven years and processing has been getting more and more exceptional. The tremendous logistical challenges to get this coffee from the very few growers high up in the Andes to the closest port in Chile makes it something truly to be treasured. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of the importer, Royal Coffee